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Ideology: i am just crazy, passionate about what i do...used to be professional basketball player and trying to get back ASAP.
Group lessons : Pilates, cycling, aerhiit, bodyfit. My philosophy : knowledge with experience make perfection and that is what i try to achieve... i suppose to be an electrical engineer but i am following my passion now to be a body engineer!! Don't ask if your dreams are crazy... Ask if they are crazy enough!
My specialty: athletes, fat burning,functional training, hipertofi, mobility and stability, special population, pregnant women, fiscal system, HIIT training.
Education: Istanbul ticaret University electrical engineering.
certificates and training: Ace personal trainer, Ace sport performance specialist, Ereps group fitness instructor, Ace kettlebell master, Performance for Sport and Life, ACE Program Prenatal Fitness for Two, ACE Program Exercise During and After
Pregnancy Understanding ACOG Guidelines, ACE ProgramLow Back Health Begins with the Core, ACE Program THE 3RS of
Exercise Recovery: Refuel, Roll, Remodel, ACE ProgramBusy Days Call for HIIT, ACE ProgramTT Functional Strength Workshop Program Anti-Aging Benefits Of Exercise, ACE Program Understanding the Facial network, ACE Program Putting An End To Planter Facilities, ACE ProgramExercise Strategies For Clients With Cardiovascular Disease, ACE ProgramWorking With Cancer Patients, ACE Program Phyciology and Mental Health, ACE ProgramBetter Brains, Better Bodies, Building Mental Muscles

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  • It is just a pleasure for me to see the change that i make in my clients, it is not just about changing the body, it is about changing the life... experience with knowledge make perfection and this is what i try always to achieve, the most important point i love what i do and always ready to be in the highest level!!

  • First it is important to know about your life and try to change it to a better habits, second doing the measurement and the important tests to put a platform, third build a logical enjoyable training program and last going in the process of changing.

  • For the online training we do a meeting and according to the information i build a program for a program i just take info then i write a program for a park workout we deal for a place and i have equipments that more than enough to do a great workout

  • For the online training i take 900tl for 12 lessons.
    For the program i take 300tl.
    For the park workout i take 1500tl for 12 lessons.
    For any other type of working together, please contact me via contact form below.


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